Who Installs Misters for Patios

Would you like to enjoy the summer on your patio even in the middle of a heatwave? All you need to do is install a mister on it. More efficient than a classic fan. This cooling system has become the must-have product of the summer.Sprinkler Repair Lakewood CO


It is unthinkable to stay indoors when it’s nice outside. It is also problematic to stay indoors when it’s very hot and you want to enjoy your patio.


The mister system is also ideal for all outside areas. It is the most efficient and effective way to fight against the heat. The diffused mist instantly lowers the temperature of the ambient air. Enjoy being out in the summer without suffering from its high temperatures.


What is a mist cooling system?


By definition, a water mist is a spray-in in which 90% of the volume of water emitted is in the form of droplets. The amount of movement of a spray is characterized by its range and penetrating power. This process makes it possible to lower the temperature outside as well as inside by 40%. There is also a special mosquito misting system that protects against flying insects.


Natural and with a very low operating cost. A misting system allows getting efficient outdoor air conditioning. The principle is simple:

  1. A system of nozzles is set up in the space to be cooled, in the form of a curtain of coolness or a mist fan
  2. Water is sprayed from the mister via a high-pressure pump and transformed into a mist
  3. This absorbs considerable thermal energy, which instantly lowers the room temperature without wetting

The diffusion of a moisturizing mist then provides an intense feeling of freshness. You can even add scents. These patio mister systems allow you to enjoy a new level of comfort during the heat of summer.


Do misting systems work?


A pressure of 60 bar is essential to ensure that the mist does not get wet. Below 60 bar, water droplets do not evaporate fast enough and will thus wet the surface. The higher the pressure, the smaller the droplet size, the faster the evaporation will be.


Before choosing your misting system, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How large is the area of space to be covered by outdoor mist systems?
  • How many hours a day will you turn on your cool mister system?
  • What is the length of the supply pipe that connects the motor-pump to your water inlet?
  • Would you like to incorporate a timer into your outdoor misting system?
  • Do you prefer a wetting or refreshing patio mist?

If you choose a system that doesn’t suit the way you’re going to use it, you’ll get the impression that it doesn’t work. Talk to a mister system professional to choose what’s best for you.


Do you need a pump for a misting system?


For low-pressure kits, a simple garden tap will be enough. Connect your kit to the tap, place the nozzles in the desired locations, and enjoy your mister.


For the medium and high-pressure cooling misters, the ideal will be to place the pump in a dry place. It is often near a city water supply and an electrical outlet. For products equipped with an anti-drip system with a solenoid valve, it is preferable to have a drain.

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