Well Pump Repairs

An immersed pump is perfectly sealed. It’s placed directly on the bottom of the water you wish to collect. The pump draws groundwater from more than 25 feet below the surface. It is possible thanks to its sharp design consisting of several turbines. It is ideal for supplying a home or watering a garden. It can be also used in very narrow spaces such as wells or boreholes.

Sprinkler Repair Plantation FL
Sprinkler Repair Plantation FL


This guide will help you make the most of this investment and get the very best out of your system.


How Do I Fix My Well Pump?


There are many problems that can interfere with the operation of your pump. These often include motor failure that won’t start or stop. It can also be due to insufficient pumping pressure.


If a failure occurs, the first things to check are:

  • The circuit breaker
  • The hydrostatic switch
  • The condition of the switches.

If everything seems to be in order, check the voltage. Use a multimeter to detect a possible electrical problem. If the voltage seems too low or if you find any worn or broken parts, contact Sprinkler System Repair Near Me.


How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Well Pump?


Any problem related to a pumping or water supply malfunction can turn into a real nightmare.


On average, prices revolve around:

  • $460 for the supply and installation of a pump
  • $100 for pump maintenance
  • $55 for an hourly rate of a pump repair specialist
  • $50 for the hourly price of an electrician

Mains operated submersible pumps generally do not need to be primed. In most cases, priming is only required on first use. Usually it is enough to water the pump with a hose until the pump starts.


Why is my Well Pump Not Working?


If the surface of the water is at the suction limit, your pump may often not be able to suck in the water. This also depends to a large extent on the capacity of the well. A common cause for most customers is that the filter in the well may already be partially silted. This can also cause poor performance of the well and the pump may have greater suction problems.


The repair of the unit is always preceded by full diagnostics. Experts determine the causes of the failure and the cost of its removal. Worn or damaged components are replaced with new ones. Parameters are all checked before connecting to the installation.


How to Know if Your Well Pump is Bad?


Often the cause of a malfunction is not the device itself but the installation to which it is connected. It is worthwhile to check the operation of the device outside the installation before returning it for repair. This can be done by our specialists. They will not only carry out a full diagnosis but also modernize or build a new water system if necessary.


It is good to know at what level the dynamic water table is located in the well. Even if the pump sucks in water, it is always worthwhile to use dry-running protection in such cases. This device will automatically switch off the pump if the water surface breaks. This will protect the pump from damage. Single-stage pumps with low capacity suck in water faster than multi-stage pumps with large motors.

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