Top 15 Must Do’s – Irrigation Marketing

Irrigation Marketing Checklist - Top 15 Must Do’s


Do you want to start an irrigation business? Go for it! Be sure, however, to understand there's more to the process than simply registering the company and finding a name. Here are the 15 steps to success.

1/ plan ahead


The business plan is the culmination of your project. It is the explanation of the decisions you wish to take. Your file should be well structured around five main themes:

  • Project
  • Market research
  • Products and services
  • Strategy
  • Financial data

2/ set your goals


Goals will ensure that all employees contribute to the success of your business. It will also enhance the quality of your communication with the clients.


3/ hire an SEO expert


Social media platforms do not produce the results that search engines do. To make sure you appear on search engines, SEO services will get you organic rankings. Use SEO for irrigation installs, repairs, and maintenance.


4/ invest in advertisement


This strategy may be costly when starting your business, but it is one of the tools that will get you rolling. Paid advertising is an investment. Besides, it is faster than SEO. Balancing both strategies is the best long term solution.


5/ value quality over quantity


The list of ways to promote your business is endless. Focus on those that work best for you and your business. Your performance should increase with focused, directed marketing. Stay in control.


6/ use the 80/20 rule


Focus 80% of your marketing energy on the platforms that give the most return.


7/ set up your Google My Business page


Thanks to Google My Business, you will be able to promote your business for free. If you don't have it, you deprive yourself of many customers, especially local ones.


8/ cut the subcontractors out


Your subcontractor can decide to ignore your contract in favor of a better one from someone else. Sprinkler repair is considered an emergency service, you must have a reliable company with reliable workers.


9/ track your budget


One of the most difficult decisions as a business owner is choosing what equipment is most needed. Should you buy or lease it? Think about the company's immediate plans and the type of irrigation work it will manage. Make choices based on needs not wants. . 


10/ get to know your clients


Know the needs of the clients to be able to imagine the most suitable options. Remember to target the right audience.


11/ communicate wisely


The customer communication strategy must be comprehensive and coherent. Above all, it must align with your objectives.


12/ pay attention to reviews


Use positive reviews as an advertisement. Use negative reviews as a room for improvement. Responds to negative reviews. Ask if there is any way your business can improve. Most people are quick to post negative reviews, but with some conversation, these negative reviews can become positive. Be sure to also respond to positive reviews. People like being heard.  


13/ have a well-designed website


Keep it simple and clear. Include testimonials and a contact point. Make sure it’s SEO optimized.


14/ use social media


Get closer to your clients. Spread the name of your business. Look for potential opportunities in the irrigation market.


15/  build a strong team


None of the steps above can be all done by a single person. Surround yourself with trusted, hard-working people.

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