Sprinkler System Installation Tips

Installing a sprinkler system is a pretty massive undertaking that requires planning. So, before you go ahead and install one, make sure to plan, and get a feel for the location. Below are a couple of sprinkler installation tips that should help things move through smoothly.

Why Install a Sprinkler System?

On average, a lawn will require around 15-20 gallons of water per minute, the larger your lawn, the more water it will require. Then you also need to factor in the size of the yard, because projects involving larger lawns are often more complicated.

The assumption is that an irrigation system or a sprinkler system is best suited for large properties like a sports arena. Large sprinkler systems can shoot upwards of 55 feet in each direction, but there are ones for smaller laws too. The planning involved for a sports area versus your backyard, for instance, will be different in addition to the choice of a system.

General Planning for Sprinkler System Installation

The pop-up rotor heads are generally preferred to be around the edges, which is where the so-called hard lines are established. The voids can then be filled in with those 360-degree heads, usually in the middle that covers the spots that aren’t otherwise covered. You’ll want to make sure that the head-to-head coverage is a hundred percent so that there are no dry spots.

As a homeowner, you’ll also want to install rotor heads along the driveway. Set them to oscillate at varying angles through a 360-degreehead installed in the yard.

Steps Involved with Sprinkler System Installation

Now before you go ahead and install the system, make sure that you walk through the steps below. Consider these steps to be the very first ones you should take:

  •         Take a walk through the property and familiarize yourself with all the potential obstacles and issues of the area. Take things like powerlines, water lines, and other stuff into consideration.
  •         You’ll also want to call the utility company so that they can come over to mark where all their lines are located on the property. After all, you don’t want to be digging into a utility line.
  •         Find out the capacity of your water system by calling the water company. Knowing the capacity will help you design and install the sprinkler system accordingly.
  •         Find the best water source to use during the sprinkler system installation. The nearer it is to the location, the better.
  •         Draw a map of where all the lines will be laid, and the sprinkler heads will go.

After you have figured out the source of water, there are several other determinations you’ll want to make, which includes the size of the water meter and the pressure. Generally, sprinkler system installation isn’t easy, and not something that should be undertaken by a homeowner with little to no experience. It is also a time-consuming process. So, depending on the size of your lawn and all things considered,you might want to hire professionals to do it for you.

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