Sprinkler Repair in Fort Lauderdale

You might be searching for sprinkler repair Fort Lauderdale because either the spray head is broken, or the controller has stopped working. After all, these happen to be the most common problems. Even though we have nothing against hiring a professional, these like a couple of other issues can be fixed on your own.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common issues with sprinklers and how you can troubleshoot them yourself.

A Broken Sprinkler Spray Head

Now this problem is pretty easy to troubleshoot. If the sprinkler head isn’t popping up or it pops up and sprays water in all directions, there is a good chance the head is broken. Many people end up with broken spray heads when their lawn movers go over it, or their vehicle drives over the head.

Fixing the problem is easy and starts with finding the exact same head online or at a local store. Then digging to reach the existing head, screwing it off, and putting the new head-on.

Clogged or Blocked Sprinkler Heads

Many people seek a sprinkler repair Fort Lauderdale service because their head does not rise, and if it does, there is no water coming through it. The assumption is that the line is blocked when, in fact, it could be that the sprinkler head is clogged.

The culprit is dirt and debris that builds up in the head’s filter, which is fortunately easy to clean. Turn off the water, lift up the rise, pull out the nozzle and the filter. Spray some running water on the screen, put it back and tighten the nozzle. The total time to fix this issue is under 40 minutes.

The Water Sprinkler Controller Isn’t Working

Troubleshooting this issue can be a little tricky. There are four issues that can cause the controller to fail, i.e., fail to keep time, the timer dial may not be turning, or the controller isn’t turning to manual mode, the controller may be failing to run in auto mode. Each one will have to be checked out individually.

Chattering Noises From the Pump

You might hear a sort of chattering noise originating from the pump each time it is operational. One reason for this is that the pump’s starting relay is very far from the controller, while the wires running from the controller to the relay are small. The way to fix this issue would be using a 14-gauge wire for a length that’s over 15 feet.

If the controller’s transformer is tiny and you can’t pull in the relay contacts, then installing a larger transformer should fix the issue. If the problem persists, then you may want to call a professional to take a look.


Sprinkler repair Fort Lauderdale services may be a dime a dozen, but if you’re going to hire one, make sure that they are the very best. Always ask for references and make sure to read reviews. However, for problems like the above, hiring a professional should probably be for those who either don’t have the time or aren’t comfortable performing such tasks. 

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