Need the Best Lawn Sprinkler Repair Near Me?

Automatic watering is a way to create a beautiful garden and save time and effort. But since nothing is perfect, this kind of installation can sometimes be a problem. The supply pipes for the sprinklers cannot be buried too deep. Thus, they can be unintentionally pierced with a fork or shovel. The sign of this is usually a hole in the ground washed out during watering.


Have you noticed that your sprinkler system is defective and that there are leaks in one or more places? If you don’t know how to repair it, this guide will help you.


Get Your Damaged Sprinkler RepairedHow Do You Repair a Punctured Sprinkler?


To locate the puncture site, you must:

  1. Turn on the watering for a while
  2. Dig the area around the leakage with a spatula until the irrigation system pipe appears in the hole
  3. Cut the pipe with a sharp knife and clean its edges
  4. Slide the double-sided coupling into the ends of the pipes
  5. Push them as far as possible

In those parts of irrigation lines where pressure is high, it is better to use compression joints.

  1. Cut the punctured part with a sharp knife.
  2. Put the nuts on the ends of the pipes
  3. Put the nipple in the place of the cut
  4. Insert the clamping inserts into its holes
  5. Slide the pipes on them until they come into contact with the insert’s partition

Finally, activate the watering system to check that the connection is tight. If the test was successful, the pipe can be now backfilled.


Do It Yourself Repair Sprinklers?


Whether it’s one month or five years after use, a blocked sprinkler is often unrecoverable. This can be due to the quality of the water used for watering. It’s not always easy to change it depending on the underground connection.


Locate the leaks. If the hose hasn’t squirted in your face, you may have to go hunting for a hole. Is your hose leaking from the faucet? Is there a leak where you’ve connected two pipes? Is there a leak where you have attached a sprinkler head or spray device? Or is there a leak somewhere in the middle? The only thing you can do on your own is to detach the hose from one another. Then, lubricate the threads of each with Vaseline.


How Much Is Sprinkler Repair?


An automatic sprinkler system requires an investment in the installation. But it also has an operating cost related to the water flow. The larger the area, the higher the annual cost. Generally speaking, it is around $500. Different criteria influence the price:

  • The surface area
  • The configuration of the garden
  • The system
  • The quality of the product.

The price of repairing your watering system will thus depend on the same criteria.


Instead of making the situation worse, you should call an automatic watering specialist. Find out how much would cost you a sprinkler system repair near me.

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