How to Deal with Sprinkler Rust?

A sprinkler system can help save you a lot of time by taking over what should be the routine task of watering flowerbeds and the turf. However, after some time, iron buildup in the sprinkler system can start to rust, and that causes the water ejected out of the system to be rusty. Sprinkler rust filled water leaves stains on concrete, stone, etc. If the rust isn’t cleaned out from the sprinkler heads and the system as a whole, it can lead to a blocked irrigation system.

The good news is that cleaning sprinkler rust isn’t difficult. The buildup is easily removed from the system.

Clean the Sprinkler Head

The most obvious source of all that rust is the iron deposits in the sprinkler head. Fortunately, cleaning it requires only a couple of supplies and common tools. The easiest way to remove rust from a sprinkler head is to put it in a freezing bag, then cover it with mineral and rust remover.

Allow the sprinkler head to sit in the bag for around 30 minutes. You should also shake the bag around a bit so that the liquid goes into all parts of the sprinkler system. Then take it out and brush it with a brass bristle brush, which will help to remove all deposits and rust. Finally, rinse the sprinkler head with water. Make sure to reattach the head and test out the sprinkler system.

Try to Neutralize the Iron in Your Water

You will also want to take the required steps to neutralize the iron in the water. One way to do this is to attach a tank to the sprinkler system and then release a certain amount of cleaning chemicals each time the system is used. The chemicals will help to neutralize the iron, which prevents it from becoming rusty and causing stains.

The other perhaps easier way would be to install a filter screen to block the iron from getting into the sprinkler. However, the drawback to using a screen is that once it is full,it can be hard for water to pass through and will require that the screen be removed and cleaned.

Other Tips To Keep Your Sprinkler Rust Free

  •         If you are using well water, then consider connecting your sprinklers to the city’s water supply or use lake water instead. Both the city water and lake water have a lot less iron compared to the well.
  •         If your well is 20-40 feet deep, then there is a lot more iron in the water. Consider using another well or supply of water.
  •         If iron-rich water can’t be avoided, then try installing an anti-rust sprinkler system to counter it. The system uses a special formula that mixes in with the water to reduce the iron content before it reaches your sprinkler heads. A 36-gallon tank can last for up to 14 weeks if the system waters your grounds five hours a week.

Sprinkler rust is pretty frustrating to deal with for many homeowners. Fortunately, with the right measures in place, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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