How to Clean Your Clogged Sprinkler Nozzle

To have a good way to clean the yard is your sprinkler heads. It can help you avoid countless problems throughout the year like clogging. A serious clog in your sprinkler system can stop your landscape from receiving the necessary amount of water it requires each day. It is advisable at least once a year, you may take an afternoon to clean each head. As well as, check for clogging or dirt accumulation regularly. To do this, you will avoid so many issues.

Steps on How to Clean your Sprinkler Nozzle

The proper way to clean a clogged sprinkler nozzle is an easy task. Hence, if you have a screwdriver you can accomplish this job.

  • You can find the sprinkler head inside of a sleeve, you can lift the head out for cleaning. Then you lift the nozzle into the position it would be in during operation.
  • Using a screwdriver unscrew the head and remove it entirely from its sleeve.
  • In the bucket soak the sprinkler head with hot water then let it sit for a while. In this way, it will loosen any debris built-up inside of the nozzle.
  • After that its time to clean the sprinkler sleeve itself. You can clean any dirt or debris from within the sleeve to stop if the problem returns.
  • After you soaked the head in the bucket of water for a while. Then use a stiff wire to remove any dirt or debris from the nozzle holes. Too much of dirt will be loosened from the soaking.
  • You can change everything to its original position. And then test the system to make sure the now-clean sprinkler nozzle is working properly.

If you think you can not do it by yourself you can contact Sprinkler system repair near me. You may check on the internet for surer company.

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