Automated Sprinkler System Installation

Yes! It is that time of the year when home improvement stores start touting that they have the newest generation of products guaranteed to make your grass greener and your wallet leaner. The fact is that there is no need to use most top of the line products if you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system. That’s why we’ll go into what you need to know about automated sprinkler installation in this article.

First Things First!

Depending on where you live, installing an automatic sprinkler system may require a permit. In a place like Phoenix, for instance, the required form isn’t available online, and so you might have to appear in person to apply for the permit. You’ll also need two copies of the installation plan, one of which will be given back to you.

You will also want to call up the utility company and have them mark all the areas where their cables and pipes run through. Knowing this will make installing the system a lot easier and safer.

Draft a Plan for the Installation

Now before you install an automated sprinkler system, you need to draft a map or plan. Fortunately, most manufacturers of these systems will help you. The plans will include an easy to follow template which outlines how the pipes should be laid out. Most manufacturers will also include a list of accessories and tools you’ll need to install the system.

Since water pressure is crucial to the efficient operation of the system, make sure that your source can deliver around 13 gallons per minute at 35 lbs PSI. You can either measure the water pressure yourself or ask the water company to do it for you.

Automated Sprinkler System Installation – The Furrows

You will need to tap into the main water line, which is nearest to where the sprinkler system is to be installed. Alternatively, you could also connect to an existing spigot.

Use a spade to dig shallow ditches or use a trencher. The average depth of these furrows should be around 7 inches. However, before you do any digging, make sure to mark out the location of the trenches using spray paint or wooden flags.

Install the Sprinklers

Now here is where the automated sprinkler system installation work becomes both challenging and exciting. Plus, you’ll need a lot of time to pull it off.

Here is what you’ll need to do:

  •         Hook up your system to the main water line, which will require slicing it
  •         You’ll add in a tee using PVC cement
  •         Add a PVC elbow on the adapter
  •         Now Tread the adapter to the existing tee of the water line
  •         If you have a copper line, a copper tee will need to be soldered on
Manufacturer’s Instructions are Important

When going through the process of automated sprinkler installation, it is important that you follow the instructions laid out by the manufacturer to the tee. The timer and controller should be connected by connecting the latter’s wires to the former. At the completion of each step, make sure to test by turning on the water and see how it is flowing.

If possible, have a friend or a professional standing by just in case you need help.

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